I have come to know light as a language. I ascribe to light the same qualities and characteristics one could generally apply to the spoken or written word. Light has color and tone, range, emotion, inflection, and timbre. It can sharpen or soften an image. It can change the meaning of a photo, or what that photo will mean to someone. Like language, when used effectively, it has the power to move people, viscerally and emotionally, and inform them.

When lighting portraits of beautiful muscular women, a small bit of warming gel is often very effective in obtaining a pleasing result. Face it, models look better slightly warm, as if they are sitting with a bunch of swells in the glow of a fierplace, rather than sort of cold, as if they had just spent the day ice fishing.

And multiple lights all at once can create multiple problems, which can be difficult to sort out. As with this image of Denise Masino, put up one light. See what it does. You may have to go no further.

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