Who is Robert Masino and why isn’t he taking socially respectable pictures of cute kittens and colorful seashells instead of contributing to the world’s moral decay with images of women slathered in muscles and tottering on five – inch high heels? What kind of depraved background drives him to focus on the sleekly sensual instead of the wholesomely fluffy? Surely a man like this, a man unlikely to ever earn the political backing of the G.O.P. or the Christian Coalition, must have a dark secret trailing behind him like a foul odor. Or maybe not.

I love photography. And the kind of photography that I enjoy looking at myself usually has nothing to do with fetish photography, I must confess, I shoot a great deal of non-fetish stuff, but there’s just a certain passion that’s lacking when I do it. My fetish stuff comes from inside because I really care about the subject matter, and I truly care about the people that I shoot. It all translates into sincerity, you’ve got to shoot what you love so you’ll love what you shoot.

I am very fortunate in my work as I get to work with some of the most interesting women in the world. A big part of what makes my work successful is chemistry with my models. There’s no one I’ve had a displeasure working with. Many of my models have become friends. Because each image carries a bit of the creator with it, they possess passion, drama and romance. It’s been this depth that I hope sets my work apart from many other fetish photos and helps them resonate with my viewers, including mainstream art fans.

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