Tell us about your first remembered erotic experience. It depends on how you define erotic. And your definition . . . ? One thing that probably changed the way I thought – and I think it’s only one of the reasons that I like beautiful women – but when I was about nine years old, I found my Dad’s either Playboy or Penthouse, I can’t remember which one. I do remember looking through it and thinking, ‘God these girls are so beautiful!’ I just wanted to be like them, and there was a certain something there. But at that age you just can’t quite put it together. Then a few years later, I saw Cory Everson in a copy of Muscle and Fitness and wow! That would be the first time I consciously thought about women in a different light. It was neat looking at her. Oooh, she’s so pretty and hard and round and curvy – the best of both worlds – and . . . oooh!  As a member of an elite group of women who participate in the most extreme form of erotic performance art, describe the value it holds for you. I can definitely say that I am supplying something that is needed. A lot of people will give me grief and say porn is wrong, but a lot of people are watching it. It is helping out a lot of single people and couples too. My art, if you will, is pleasing people. So if people like to watch it, and they get off, or I help their relationship, or they have good sex, then I guess I’m doing something good.  What are the most redeeming aspects, social impacts, and positive effects of your participation in high – end erotic performance art ?  I think the most important thing is that we aren’t hurting anybody. I’m not hurting anybody by making DVD’s. In fact I’m probably helping more people than I’m hurting! I receive e-mails all the time from fans who’ve watched my DVD’s saying how they’ve had great sex afterward, or how much they’ve enjoyed it, whether a single guy or a couple. I had these two lesbian girls who wrote me saying how I improved their sex life, and how they both joined a gym! I even get e-mails from fans asking me to help them “please” their wives with oral sex, kind of a “how-to” letter. They even ask if their wives can grow their clits – they’re just amazed by the size of my lips and clit. I always say, ‘Wow, this is great’. I’m doing my job.  Considering your body is an art piece, how do you go about staying in shape with your busy schedule ?  Physically, I try to train as much as I can. It’s very hard because of my travel schedule. I at least get in some cardio every day. I do a minimum of one hour of fast walking no matter what part of the country I am in. The gym work is always the tricky problem for me, or for anybody who travels, but I have my favorites in all parts of the US. the key though, for me, is my diet. I eat good no matter where I am. Keeping myself around 10% body fat is essential. Mentally, you just can’t let it get to you. You can’t get pissy or angey, ’cause this is the business I chose to be in. And as it has been said to me, my body is my business!  Give us your measurements.  I’m 36D, 26, 34  And your shoe size ?  I wear a 6 1/2  You grew up in Brooklyn, New York ?  I was born on a busy little street just blocks away from Coney Island. Kids still play in the streets, it’s an ethnically mixed neighborhood and there are big oak trees with squirrels. We were only twp blocks from the beach, so there was never a shortage of things to do. I loved it there. I miss it at times.

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