Denise Masino’s Intoxicating Elixir

  Denise Masino’s love of the muscular female form is distinctive and philosophical. Her DVDs are never ribald; instead, the viewer’s senses are satiated with intriguing, rich colors, lyrical emotions and a sensuality others in the genre try to duplicate but fall miles short of. Few are able to manifest her uncanny ability to combine beautiful muscular women, exotic locations, body worship, lingerie, and leg and foot fethishes into a whole much larger than the sum of its parts. Perhaps, one hundred years from now, Denise Masino will be written in women’s bodybuilding history as a 21st century visionary and artist. Many consider Masino a true artist, unifying hard muscular flesh with digital film productions in a way which crosses the line from fine art to the near-metaphysical. “I grew tired of the usual way in which women bodybuilders were portrayed,” said Masino. “I thought, ‘How about a new formula?’ There has to be a better way to showcase the special beauty of these extraordinary women.”

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