What You See Is What You See

     Leaving an image open to whatever you want to make of it is one of the elements I like most about my style of photography. I tend to find these situations more erotic and mysterious. The models in my photographs possess an aura of mystery so pervasive that even when I capture their most intimate, solitary moments, they retain a certain emotional intangibility. The women in my images always engulf our fans in a shroud of sensuality and leaves them begging for more. For fifteen years, I have experimented with the presence of light and shadow, the curves of the muscular female body, the placement of a simple item like a stool, and moody deep colors in order to arrive at the composition most befitting a photograph in which every physical detail must be synonymous, however subtly, with eroticism. Pretty much every muscular woman is beautiful. It just depends on how specifically and clearly that beauty is expressed. Let me quickly express that I am not the only master of my artistic world; much of the subject matter in my pictures is determined by the models themselves. The level of involvement is dictated by the women. I play off different moves, and there’s a real collaboration between model and photographer that makes the process more passionate. It’s much more fun and it makes me enjoy this type of photography.

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