Black Label Volume 1

Black Label Volume 1

Stars: Denise Masino, Gayle Moher and Autumn Raby

DVD Extras: Directors Cuts, Deleted Scenes, Photo Galleries, Behind the Scenes Action, Playable Worldwide, Bonus Trailers.

You have No Idea Just How Hot It Can Get! The director shot it hot – too hot! And that’s how we show it. Just like you want to see it.

Experience the lust of the Black Label XXX Collection! XXXtreme Muscles and XXXtreme Sex! Sexy, muscular beauties strut to a throbbing beat that will captivate your senses. Totally smokin Girl/Girl XXX Action from start to finish. These are the hardcore shots and we left nothing on the cutting room floor. You get it all! Approx. 90 min. Full Color. RATED XXX

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