Bad Girl Kim Stahl

On the surface, this homegrown Florida native turned muscle queen embodies everything a fan could want - beauty, brains and muscle!  Look at those juicy abs and juicy clit - and she is just getting started.  Be sure to watch your step if you see her … [Read more...]

Shades of Beauty

SHADES of BEAUTY Variety is still the spice of life. Generic good looks are a thing of the past - the exotic allure of color is what's hot in Muscle PinUps' first - ever Shades of Beauty Collection. Each month bask in the glow of the sexiest … [Read more...]

SHIFTING GEARS: Muscle Elegance redefined the image of women with muscle. Muscle PinUps is set to do it again!

SHIFTING GEARS Muscle Elegance redefined the image of women with muscle. Muscle PinUps is set to do it again! I'm not going to waste your time, fine reader, by using this Blog to tell you how this industry is evolving and changing. If you have … [Read more...]

MUSCLE EROTICA : Why PinUps’ are my favorite subject to shoot

It's always a treat to uncover someone's naughty, hidden secrets. And mine are no exception. My fascination with the fit, female form is what inspired me to become a photographer. I mostly use photography as an art form to considerably change what I … [Read more...]

Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson photos: 348 videos: 2 Height: 5’ 3” Weight: 130 Contest, 138 Bicep Size: 14” Chest: 39” Hair Color: Blond BIO Nothing arouses this laid back intellectual more than a mentally stimulating conversation. But, an assertive, … [Read more...]

Brandi Mae Ackers

Brandi Mae Akers Weight: 145 lbs. Chest: 36D Hair Color: Brown Bicep Size: 15" Height: 5'1" BIO Brandi Mae is the newest, hottest thing to hit female bodybuilding. She's a lover of hardcore heavy training and hardcore sex. She's a … [Read more...]

Honey Glazed Muscle

Super muscle model Denise Masino has fun posing her hot muscle in the kitchen before she decides to glaze herself with honey for a finger licking good time.  If you think watching her pose nude is hot, wait until you see this female bodybuilder pose … [Read more...]

Lisa Cross’s Crush

Lisa Cross is a sexy blond bombshell of a female bodybuilder and wait until you hear her amazing accent. She loves working out and lifting weights but that's not all she likes to do. The truth is she likes to show her power and her biceps by crushing … [Read more...]

Rebekka Armstrong

This former Playboy Bunny is one of the hottest female bodybuilders of all time. Rebekka puts on sexy muscle to re-emerge as your very own playmate with hard body appeal and the perfect bicep peaks and sexy pussy. For more pictures and video on … [Read more...]

Victoria Dominquez your new muscle queen!

There's no wanting for key words to describe female bodybuilding's newest rising star, Victoria Dominquez aka Mistress Treasure - powerful, ebony, dominatrix, seductress, these are just a few of the terms that define the ultimate in female muscle … [Read more...]