He Shoots, He Scores

    Want a sexy nude picture of your girlfriend?  Well, you could sneak up on her with a Nikon while she’s stepping out of the shower, but there’s a decent chance your expensive camera will end up in pieces on the bathroom floor. Here’s a better idea : Step one : Spend some time looking at MusclePinUps.com’s photo galleries of the world’s hottest muscle- women. You and your girlfriend will get an idea of which poses look best. Step two : Prepare the shoot. Plan ways to accentuate your girlfriend’s attributes. Suggest she put her hands on her sides and lean forward a bit. Step three : Pick out the right lingerie. Remember : the clothes drive the makeup. Choose your sexiest lingerie first and then find the makeup to complement it. Next accessorize your gorgeous model. Finally, send your images to me (Robert) here at this Blog for careful evaluation and consideration. Before you know it, you may be dating a MusclePinUps model. I’ll also provide you with simple step-by-step instructions on photo-shoot techniques and lighting. Just don’t get so enthralled that you forget about your girlfriend.

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