Figure competitor and Eastern European native Nathalia Pavlova knocks our bloc off.

We’re beginning to understand why the communists put up that pesky iron curtain in the first place. Who’d want to share Nathalia Pavlova with the rest of the globe? But beauty has a knack for erasing boundaries and there was no holding back this Prague eye-popper, who now calls Columbus, Ohio home. “My dream is to travel the world,” she says, and her hardbody modeling career and figure competitions has allowed her to come darn close to fulfilling that goal. We’re just grateful that Nathalia could suspend her travels long enough for a visit to the Muscle PinUps studio for several sizzling-hot photo shoots and HD videos. You really need to check out Nathalia’s pictorials and HD video clips appearing NOW on  Her body will knock your bloc off!

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