Beautiful Muscle Diva Denise Masino plays an alien temptress who, after traveling millions of miles from her home lands on a small planet where she meets Gorgeous Roxie Rain who will fight to the death to protect her home from the alien invader.

Editor’s note : Images from this shoot can be found on Muscle PinUps facebook or for the hot “juicy stuff” click on over to and click on Denise Masino or Roxie Rain and look for the gallery called “Ray Gun Grrrl’z” It’s out of this world!

Roxie is the ruler and protector of her small planet. Denise has just stepped onto unknown planetary terrain after descending out of her penile pod. Roxie points to the vivacious alien and demands, “How dare you enter my domain!” Denise begins exhibiting strange and unusual tendencies. A vicious fire-fight ensues as they battle it out for the small planet. Seductively, they struggle in their fight for superiority of the planet. In their struggle, their suits are stripped away . . . These alien bodies seem to be different and in need of some exploring. Hmmmm.

“Denise seems a wild and interesting species,” says a bewildered yet excited Roxie. “I have new and exciting feelings for this alien temptress, I find her quite appealing now.” At last, they are interplanetary femalian intimates. The galaxy is once again safe.

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