Slow Tease to the Big Clit Show – Denise Masino

They say that a large clit is part of what makes a woman more aggressive. We say, it is the icon of erotic femininity. If you like your girl big between the legs, you've come to the right place! Horny muscle diva Denise Masino has a tiny waist, big … [Read more...]

Good Morning, I have to Pee – Denise Masino

Clit Queen Denise Masino will intoxicate you with her big swollen clit as she spreads her legs wide and says, "I tug my full pussy lips apart to open my hole for a spectacular view of my warm stream of golden piss." She'll get you rock-hard as she … [Read more...]

Dildo Lust – Ripped Wanda Moore

  Wanda Moore is ripped, muscular and horny. After showing off her gorgeous package she strips down to nothing but her new favorite dildo and comes all over it. The muscular blonde bodybuilder opens herself up just for you as she works … [Read more...]

My Shoe Fetish – Denise Masino

Take a rare glimpse into Denise Masino's "special" closet as she shows off her incredible collection of sexy shoes, "I'm an out of control shoe fetishist," she tells us. Hot and horny camera angles give you "up the skirt" views of Denise's swollen … [Read more...]


 A fan recently sent me this question via email that I thought was worth sharing with you.  M. H., Portland, Oregon writes : Why do so many of your models wear high heels? (I'm not complaining.) Also, do you have any idea when they were … [Read more...]