Get The Right Five Minutes!

When you’re shooting big-time fitness models sometimes five minutes is a big deal. This picture I shot in about three minutes, and I got a total of 17 frames. Because of her schedule, Denise Masino is a busy model and business woman. It was the end of the shoot and we were ready to call it a wrap when I grabbed this fur hat and told Denise to wear it, she laughed, and I said give me five more minutes. Which she was happy to do. I got a reaction, got a picture, and we were gone.

If you’ve only got five minutes, you’ve got to force an emotional response from your models that in turn will translate into an emotional response from your viewer. Humor is one of the biggest things you’ve got in your bag of tricks – if you can introduce a little humor into your photo, so many things can go to hell in a handbasket, and you still get a great picture.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only five minutes, as long as it’s the RIGHT five minutes!

Visit Denise’s new website and take the newly designed free tour. You’ll be a bettre person for it.

Denise Masino : Athlete, Model and Entertainer.

Denise Masino : Athlete, Model and Entertainer.

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