The new and improved has been reworked, redesigned and finally after six long months of planning and construction has been launched. The new site is more fan-friendly in terms of navigation as well as in organization and is divided into popular adult niches (separated in part, due to valuable fan feedback) all designed to get you off.

I mentioned to Denise how just last week, during a recent photo shoot over the Memorial Day Weekend one of her many fans asked me if it was all “fun & games” during our productions? My response was pretty low-key as this was a question that has popped up literally hundreds of times and my response was ‘Lighting, angles, model’s needs, image composition, hair & make-up, food, travel, hotels and the collaboration of the staff with the model, geeze, there’s no time for “fun”. She responded by saying, “There’s a lot of people who think this isn’t work. But, if you don’t enjoy your work, don’t do it. An undertaking such as this cannot be done part time. You can’t manage a company if you’re not accessible and available all the time.” she explains. As for the new changes we’ve recently gone through Denise says, “We’re merging a new mentality of technology and production with an expanded new Video-on-Demand Website that’s going to be well received by our fans.

Denise’s final say on the matter was typical for the never-ending optimist and visionary, “You have to be willing to learn more and more about the business and be able to change along with it in order to grow and be successful. You have to have a big vision and be on top of things, and get people on board with you in order to see the growth path.”



Just another day at the office for erotic star Denise Masino.

Just another day at the office for erotic star Denise Masino.

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