It’s only fitting that the most popular world-class female bodybuilder-turned adult star has a site to match her exotic beauty, and does the job.

After years of branding, the sleek and sexy vanity site has been re-envisioned and re-built from scratch as not only a showcase for the exotic muscle goddess, but also a development channel. “What we have done is only the beginning of a much bigger plan for,” says Denise. “Our intention is not only to develop a membership site, but also to develop projects that will cover all Internet business.”

Denise is “very involved” with her site, interacting with fans and doing live cam shows and video productions. With its amenities – in addition to live shows, there are also movies to buy, exclusive photo galleries, interviews, an online journal and original video content – offers fans everything but Denise’s home address and phone number. “Since my early days in the adult business, I’ve tried my best to perform like a first-class professional,” said Denise. “With my “team” of talented individuals, we will continue developing new tools and content for my legions of loyal fans, so stay tuned!”

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