I love to show mainstream society a world they’ve never seen before, like the real hardcore “fetish” of women’s bodubuilding. In my work, I can show a whole world to people who may not ordinarily accept these images, but will hopefully come to understand a different way of life, and thereby have more acceptance of these things. As an artist, all I can hope for through my work is that consciousness will be raised. Florida’s Melody Spetko is just your average girl-next door elite (she’s recently graduated into the world-class professional ranks of the I.F.B.B.) bodybuilder. Which is to say, NOT average at all. The tatted and pierced hyper-muscular model has been called beautiful, sticky, awe-inspiring, sacred and profane, sensuous and truly unusual. During a recent fetish-themed photo shoot at our Florida studio, Melody had this (and more) to say about her vibrantly decorated body-art as well as her departure from bodybuilding’s amateur ranks. “I’ve always been fascinated with the ‘fringe elements’ of society,” related Melody. “Bodybuilding for the past twelve years has given me a real feeling about my body and as I became more involved with the sport as a subculture, I grew more and more interested and fascinated with it” On the subject of body-art she says, “It’s ‘Art-on-art’, the modern day revival of a sacred right, tattooing has surpassed ancient art and become a downright trend. Hell, it’s now featured in the corporate America boardroom, permanently inked epidermals are not just for bikers anymore.” Watch for this artistic and powerful photo gallery and read her complete interview exclusively at

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