Internet sex symbol Marina Lopez’s road to international stardom essentially began when she first stepped onto the set of her first Muscle PinUps photo shoot : “I fell in love with Denise’s company, the set, the people, the whole process!” We asked while signing for her legions of fans at the Muscle PinUps booth this past March during The Arnold’s Weekend of Fitness and Sports about her new personality site “My website is handled by the only professional I trust, and that’s me!”, she told us. The sizzling Latina starlet boasts that she “even answers fans on my iPhone while I’m in line at the grocery store!” That is dedication.

According to Ms. Lopez, the typical site member . . . isn’t. Every member in Marina’s worldwide fan base is unique : “Some want the personal attention of emails, others want special pictures signed to them with special little notes . . . and some want to talk dirty to me during my private one-on-one live web cam proformances. I’m really good at that, too!”

In terms of future plans for heating up her site, Marina has recently completed a deal to shoot triple XXX content with Muscle PinUps early this coming summer. We’ve scheduled a format that’s going to be something really special.

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