One of the truths driven home to me in recent months is that in times of dramatic and disruptive change, while the specifics of business’ strategies must evolve, the principles and values that define any successful enterprise must find ways to endure.

At Muscle PinUps, one of these enduring principles relates to the importance of customer’s needs – giving the fans what they want. Our members have been incredibly supportive in helping us mold the new Muscle PinUps into the webzine it is today. So let me take this opportunity to thank (once again) the thousands of fans who have stood by and supported us through our transition from Muscle Elegance into the new Muscle PinUps. Your continued input and cooperation (to this Blog for instance) will prove invaluable as we continue our quest to make Muscle PinUps an international powerhouse. That’s an ambitious goal, to be sure, but you deserve nothing less!

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