Britain’s “bad girl of bodybuilding” sizzles in the new Muscle PinUps’ DVD Muscle Foxes.

Trumpets, please. Roll out the red carpet for the wildest muscle – girl in the UK, bodybuilder and pinup model Lisa Cross. “I’m known as this glamazon girl with the big buldging muscles who doesn’t give a shit,” she says. “And that’s me. Every day someone writes something about me. Not all of it’s good – most of it’s bad. I say bad, but really it’s just me being me.”

“I haven’t ever been a shy girl. I’m one of those people who will do anything on impulse. Over here people are always asking, ‘What is she going to do next?’ I’m independent, very independent.” It’s easy to see why we took an instant liking to her.

Lisa is currently starring in the Muscle PinUps’ newest DVD release Muscle Foxes, go to now to view the sizzling – hot trailer and order your copy online today!

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