Denise Masino invites us on an extended, utterly erotic flirt. She’s by far the coolest, sexiest and hottest model/bodybuilder/ actress/ performer on the Internet today. A bold statement, yes, but until you visit, you have no idea. Her website is without question a marvelous and explicitly chic expose’ of her life, past, present, and future.

The intriguing Masino has appeared in magazines, calendars, catalogues and is a former World Bodybuilding Champion; and is even listed on (check it out) as having starred in her own Indie film project Blood and Kisses (she plays a beautiful, yet deadly, blood – sucking vampire) the feature film project has yet to be released.There’s something wonderfully fantastical about her site; all the different costumes, characters, and visual styles make for an adventurous outing. Denise skips easily from a cutesy Barbie doll girlie – girl look to the dark and mysterious mistress of the night with sexy and confident aplomb. She is dangerous and tender, she is metropolitan and girl-next-door, she is tropically exotic, she’s triple XXX; Denise is whomever and whatever you desire. Take the journey!

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