Michigan’s Cheryl Faust heats up South Beach with her first Muscle PinUps photo shoot.

Cheryl Faust is positioned high above me on an outside staircase of what can only be described as Miami Beach urban decay (actually it’s an old partially torn-down hotel) located directly across from the Gansevoort Hotel. I find myself getting a bit dizzy. She’s just that pretty; all shimmering brown eyes, blonde hair in prefect disarray, and a lean muscular body exquisitely crafted by the Hand of God. She’s wearing a skimpy animal print top beneath a sheer black fish net shirt, she has the look of a sexy beach babe , perfectly suited for this town.

Though Cheryl’s manner is serene with a warm grin, it isn’t hard to sense the competitive athlete within. She has quickly ascended the ranks of National level competition as evident to her sixth – place finish.

She stares down into my camera, strikes a pose and looks at me with a bright smile. Her voice is soft, with a familiar hint of a midwestern accent. As the sun falls slowly behind distant ocean clouds, we bask in what remains of a glorious South Beach morning.

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