When we last caught up with exotic beauty Vivianna Requena we chatted about her initial photo shoot with our website, but we also talked about her special relationship she’s developed with Denise Masino. “I think of her as a sister, maybe it’s because our families both come from Puerto Rico. I can talk to Denise about anything. In this business, you’re always getting advice from people who think they know how you should train or diet or whatever and I don’t listen to any of it. But I listen to Denise. She’s been a mentor to me, helping me with my diet and training and about this entire business in general,” says Vivianna. And when discussing her “PinUps” experience she had this to say, “The shoot was much easier than what I expected. I’m so much more comfortable with nudity now. Posing is a way to feel confident about your body, and it’s ok to be naked and look at your body as a piece of art work, or a painting, but definity as art.” We couldn’t agree with you more Vivianna ! And to get even closer to Vivianna Requena, go to now and view all of Vivianna’s hot photo galleries.

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