Denise does a Picasso ! Everybody’s favorite muscle girl reinvents herself as a paintbrush.

Our every encounter with Denise Masino has left us amazed. It was as if her triumphs – world champion athlete, publisher, model, film maker and business woman – had only hinted at her talent. Now she has done it again. Denise is using the ultimate paintbrush : herself. She is a body painter – think nude body, gallons of paint and yards of receptive canvas. When we captured this mind-bending process on camera, we were amazed at the results.

“I wasn’t interested in painting my body, in being a living canvas. I wanted to use my body as a brush, to actually paint with parts of my body,” says Denise. (Laughing) When we asked Denise if there was a direct connection between the nude female bodybuilder and her unique style of painting, she replied, “There is a sensuality in art, and I wanted to use my body to create an art of sensuality, to express my emotions and energy and sexuality through this medium.”

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