It begins and ends with the camera itself, because the camera is an extension of the eye, and of the mind, and consequently, what you’re seeing is an externalization of me on digital format. My appeal is to the distinguished viewer, the sharpened, trained eye willing to accept the edge and sometimes twisted eros of modern-day women’s bodybuilding.

What I want to do is take erotic photography past its present limitations and framework, and inject a few thousand cc’s of abstraction, harsh reality, angularity, depth and mood. Truth is, beauty is not always clearly defined, and most people fail to see that , even at the most fundamental levels. My work is a representation of life, and of the intensity of the individual , captured by my camera – her personality amplified, instead of subordinated to a preordained fashion or pornographic ideal.  As with any organ of the human body, my camera eye is temperamental, and governed by the unrelenting push and pull of life within the deep sub-culture of women’s bodybuilding. There are days when I stare frustratingly at blank white walls of the studio waiting for my next meaningful thing to appear and days in which the very shoot is an emotionally charged erotic dance. This is my art. This my reality. This is Female Muscle Art, and this is my world. Welcome to

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