For many men, few things in life are as frightening as a woman who can kick their ass. But for others, few things are more thrilling. Modern-day Amazons with rock-hard muscles and bad attitudes are beginning to make big bucks by forging a new line of work in ultimate humiliation. We’re talking about the world’s most muscular meanest mamas, gals whose only tools of trade are striated pecs, rock-hard abs of corrugated steel and the ability to make the most powerful of men melt at their mere presence.

Muscle domination is big business. When it comes to the ultimate muscle domme, one woman is top of every fan’s wish list – Kathy Amazon. She is, quite simply, one of the two or three most popular personalities in this growing sub-culture. A hardcore muscular woman for whom no compliment is greater than being called “mistress.” In cold stats, she’s 6’2″, weighs close to 200 pounds. She has 16″ biceps and a 42E chest.

But mere figures can’t convey the effect she has on men. One flex of her biceps sends the average client into meltdown. And they’re prepared to pay top dollar for an hour at her feet. Yet, despite her size and strength, her speciality is fantasy role-playing sessions where clients express their deepest, darkest fantasies which she helps them to live out. “The more “open” and direct a client is with me, the more powerful the experience will be,” she says. (Big smile.).

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