Ever look at a model and wonder why her face is all aglow with light? It’s often because the light is coming from below. Look around. The light from the door or from the window . . . is it hitting the floor? I never underestimate using the

floor as a light source. I’ll set up my main light. Take a look, ah, too average. Need a little glamour. A little fill. I’ll throw a silver reflector on the floor . . . or perhaps a fill board . . . or even a white towel. Then bounce a light into it. Presto. The model’s face comes alive, those undereye shadows soften. I never try this if my model is wearing glasses. But if my model is a drop-dead gorgeous Pro Bodybuilder from Vancouver, Canada named Nadia Nardi and you’re shooting her in a new million-dollar gym, hit the floor and go for the glow!

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