I’d just arranged my fifth and final light and began my initial round of test shots on Denise when Barbara appeared (Muscle PinUps Art Director and all-around go-to person when we’re shooting) and began placing oil on her legs. Denise had h

er back to me and, without turning around, said, “That’s not the best angle for me. If you go over there ” – tilting her head slightly, indicating a spot to the left – “the light will be better.”
I moved to where she suggested and at that moment she turned her head halfway in my direction. Looking over her left shoulder, she flashed a coy smile that told me all I needed to know. Denise knows who she is. What’s more, she understands light.
As I lifted my Nikon with the 105mm lens, she smiled at me, and I pressed the shutter. I realized I had a great shot. When she turns herself on to the camera, the photographer doesn’t have to be more than a mechanic; it’s almost as if she’s both shooter and the subject.
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