Science says a fetish is “an inanimate object worshiped by savages as having magical powers or as being animated by a spirit.” But in our swinging, postsavage world of pop culture, a fetish usually means something that turns you on that’s not a mainstream kick. It’s your kick. Maybe it’s how you keep in touch with the inner savage, but it’s definitely the gear or the scenario that gets you off. Your fetish could be a beautiful muscle woman, it could be high heels or black leather, vinyl or rubber, corsets, chains or pretty feet. Fetishes are turn-0ns that are not shared by the horny majority. They are pleasure cults that worship Eros in their own way. And that’s where Denise Masino comes in. She is the very successful modern-day muscle-fetish queen. She’s NOT the girl next door. She’s the girl behind one of those two doors; behind the other is the tiger. Denise is the girl of your dreams in corset and handcuffs. She’s the girl you’d like to walk all over you in six-inch heels, or maybe work on your Boy Scout knots some rainy day.

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