This interview was taken during the 2011 Arnold’s Fitness Expo during a rare lunch break for the busy Muscle PinUps CEO.

How does it feel , knowing that every man in this room has seen you naked ? I ask this of the beautiful, perennially smiling Denise Masino. I can’t help it. Try to go online without seeing Denise’s face – it’s impossible – that’s her as you scroll along the tops of hundreds of sites.

Denise does a slow pan around the Columbus, Ohio’s Hyatt dinning room, full of the fitness world’s very hippest. and gives me an utterly carefree smile. “I don’t mind,” she says, her New York accent barely noticeable. “I don’t even think they recognize me.” Maybe not all of them. But they all look at her. Possibly it’s because in person she’s genuinely friendly and easily approachable, but more likely it’s the killer body and mounds of well-placed feminine muscle.

Denise has been training since age 14, when she paid regular visits to some of Brooklyn’s more famous hard-core gyms. And despite the obvious degree of muscle, she seems to have developed an effortless approach to being beautiful. She’s wearing a tight sweater, mini-skirt and sexy four-inch high heels – all black. She admits that when she wants to be completely incognito, she’ll resort to the baseball-cap-pulled-down-low trick. “I live a public life,” she says with a shrug. “And as long as the people who give me attention aren’t crazy, I’m fine with it.”

I will have part-two of this insightful and in-depth story tomorrow on this Blog.

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