She's Ready For Her Closeup

Melissa’s Muscle Fetish : Confessions of a Sex Addict is the Hot Muscle Clips feature presentation.

Melissa is a beautiful, young fitness model, with a sexual obsession that drives her to seek the help of a therapist (Denise Masino). Melissa (Melissa Dettwiller) confesses her wet dreams about female muscle women. As part of her therapy, Melissa is asked to relive in explicit detail, each and every one of her sexual encounters. From hitchhiking a ride with a beautiful stranger (Roxie Rain); to seducing her hot-as-hell photographer (Angela Salvagno); to getting her temperature – and more – taken by the kinky, naughty nurse (Nuriye Sener-Evans); to engaging in a muscle worship session with a twisted dominatrix (Lynn McCrossin). Her therapist has to figure out how to handle her patient’s sexual fetish for hard, throbbing female muscle women. Will the therapist save Melissa . . . or will her ripped and curvy muscles only push her over the edge? From public sex to kinky dom/sub muscle worship, from full-on anal sex to an insatiable fucking machine, this full-length feature film delivers triple XXX hard-core girl-on-girl action with the hottest muscle women in the world!

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