Ultimate PinUp Girl

This personal trainer from western Canada moonlights as a professional dominatrix on her off days. At five foot eight inches and weighing in at almost 200 lbs., you can bet that there is nothing that Tatiana Anderson wants, that Tatiana doesn't … [Read more...]

Battle of the Big Clits Continues…

OK, it's on.  Who has the biggest, most suckalicious clit among the world's hottest muscle divas?  It's time again to assess the sticky situation of who comes out on top - Denise Masino, Melissa Dettwiller, Angie Salvagno...or could it be Carmella … [Read more...]

Muscle Pinups Clips 4 Sale

Muscle Pinups launches it's clips for sale studio. Serving our customers is our first priority says the Muscle Pinups team. Now our customers can go to our http://clips4sale.com/44257 studio by following this link. There, they have the option of … [Read more...]