Sophie Duquette "Simple Elegance"

Sophie Duquette “Simple Elegance”

It is on a rare occasion when I decide to pen an article in the first person – as they say in the literary world. But in Sophie Duquette’s case, I make a cheerful exception. The reasons are few, but direct. First, she is worth it. And second, I feel it is the best way to describe the very special qualities this woman brings to the world of bodybuilding. In a sometimes harsh, hardcore world of flexing a maximal level of muscle to gain victory, this Canadian treasure exudes ample amounts of class, style, sophistication and elegance – qualities that have not always been in a large portion of the sport’s participants.

We asked the 5’3″, 135-pound former Canadian champion what it’s like posing in front of a large international audience. “It’s very simple, really,” insists Sophie. (Big smiles). “I just love it. I love to perform. Being on stage is “show time” for me. There’s an electricity about the moment that only comes when you know the audience is there and they are with you. And, of course, I feel a certain level of responsibility as a professional to give them my best performance,” she says. (Really big smile). “I can tell you this, posing for me is like an erotic surge that’s difficult to explain, but the feeling is simply amazing!”

Sophie has recently been voted Top Rated Model (again) by the Muscle PinUps fans. Be sure to check out her scorching – hot pictorials now at

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