Denise Masino's Retro-look "Cherry-Bomb" shot using only natural light.

Denise Masino’s Retro-look “Cherry-Bomb” shot using only natural light.

I was shooting a series of images for Denise with her dressed in 1950’s-style lingerie. So I’m struggling; to my right was a large window with hard sunlight pouring in. Wait a minute, I said to myself, this isn’t rocket science. I threw a white bed sheet over the window and the room began to glow. The window was off camera right and the shadow side of her face was just a little too dark. To compensate, I bounced a very weak flash off the ceiling of the room, which filled in the shadow side just enough without overpowering or destroying the feel of the soft existing light.The issue here is control. It takes effort and expertise to speak with the light and bring different qualities of shadow, color, and tone to different areas of the image. Flags, cutters, honeycomb grids, barn doors, gels, or that white bed sheet taped to your light source will help you control your set. If you work with all these elements, and practice with them long enough, you will see wonderful things happen when you experiment. The hardest thing about lighting is NOT lighting. If you want something to look interesting, don’t light all of it.View all of Denise’s sizzling-hot Cherry Bomb photo shoot now at

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