Denise Masino : "What we're doing is part of a sexual revolution."

Denise Masino : “What we’re doing is part of a sexual revolution.”

The eyes undress you. The face is lean, the cheek-bones high, the full mouth almost arrogant. The skin is smooth, tanned and stretched across sculpted muscles that ooze power. The biceps are are like baseballs, the thighs like steel.She’s a woman, unlike any you’ve ever been with before. Your muscles merge with hers. Strengths collide, and she’s winning. You’re swept off your feet as if you were a rag doll. Then she picks you up and throws you down onto the bed. You’re having sex with a superwoman.“Most people don’t believe a woman can be strong and still be elegant and sexy,” says Denise Masino, international bodybuilding champion, self-made modern-day Amazon and publisher of a bevy of Websites dedicated to the power of Female Muscle Erotica. “The average guy thinks that if a woman’s a jock, somehow there’s something less feminine about her. I’m changing that image.”Or at least trying to, mightily. Can she really change the way men look at the female form? Can she transform centuries of engrained beliefs about what makes a woman sexy?When Arnold Schwarzenegger thrust bodybuilding into the faces of the mainstream audience 35 years ago, he made pumping up part of the new American lifestyle for men and women. “Hard is sexy,” Arnold said, and we all knew he wasn’t just talking about his latissimus dorsi.The cult of the hardbody has had an impact on the image of female beauty. Just as Cindy Crawford and Cory Everson stimulated our libidos while urging us to get fit, extreme opposites like Anna Nicole Smith and Kate Moss advocated either voluptuousness or emaciation. What is sexy? No wonder we were confused.But Denise is completely clear about her perspective. The women she showcases on her website and her companion websites and the newly launched video-on-demand site are on a mission to transform the mainstream concept of female beauty. Yes, she’s controversial, but she’s also committed to her cause. (End of part 1).

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