"Bodybuilding itself is a fetish, when you really think about it, it's body manipulation in it's highest form."

“Bodybuilding itself is a fetish, when you really think about it, it’s body manipulation in it’s highest form.”

 I’m an empowered, independent woman who believes what I do is the epitome of femininity,” Denise declares. “And what I’m doing is part of a new sexual revolution.”She’s fully conscious that she is going against certain social values. “Muscle and Denise are deliberately provocative. We have no qualms about showing totally naked bodies in totally erotic poses,” she says. And she’s more than ready to fight to defend her bastion of the buff. “When I started out, the tendency in the media was to look at us as sexual curiosities or even freaks. But we persevered because we believe in ourselves and we know there’s an audience that fully agrees with us. And that audience is growing. It’s an incredible niche. People all over the world love female muscle. And that’s who we sell to.”Denise is pregmatic about what sells. “Sex! Bottom line : These girls are real women and the proof is exposed on our websites. When you see women this compelling, your whole idea of what’s sexy has to change. Our bodies evoke lots of conversation and imagination. Our objective is to open your mind and your senses.”She clearly believes she’s right, and certainly the 2000’s ideal of beauty differs from say the 1950’s ideal of beauty. Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate sex symbol of the 1950’s, would no doubt be considered fat. These days, tight and toned is in; celebrity sex objects proudly show off their muscular abs. But as Denise’s image here shows, she takes tight and toned to an extreme most people aren’t used to.Whether or not all of our minds are open, some of our wallets are. Female bodybuilding has become big business. The popularity of female muscle women has long eclipsed its formerly narrow sociological focus. Cyberspace is filled with sites featuring female bodybuilders and sexy hardbodies. The sales of fitness-related products appear to be recession-proof.So why do women like Denise exist and persist? Perhaps the answer lies in the thrill of turning oneself into a sculpture Michaelangelo might have hewn. One wonders if the quest to find the ultimate “pump” powers the sex drive of muscle vixens. Does the bodybuilder lifestyle increase the libido as well as the tensile density of muscle tissue? Denise’s emphatic answer : yes!But what are men to make of the modern Amazon? For some, the thought’s a total turn-off. “When I’m with a woman, I want to be the only muscle in the bed,” commented a Nevada man in a reply to a recent facebook post. But another wasn’t so turned off by his first sexual adventure with a muscle woman. “She was different in way that shocked me, I was blown away by her strength it was a total turn-on.”Denise makes her case. “Overtly sexual women don’t necessarily intimidate a man,” she says. “But if a woman is strong enough to subdue him, he might start questioning his presumed male dominance. As well he should.”Buff meets kinky on the newest video-on-demand site on the web, visit for the best in female muscle erotica.

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