My fascination with the muscular female form is what inspired me to become a photographer. I mostly use photography as an art from to considerably change what I see everyday. My images are a comment on physical awareness, carefully crafted

productions of intimacy and eroticism. I consider myself as much of a conceptual photographer as I do a documentarian. My goal (and that of our website) is to get people to open up to – and make them appreciate muscular erotic art.

My desire to create is unexplainable, even to me. I create to satisfy the need to view a better image than the last. There is ample gratification if at least one other person values my work. And to me, the muscular female form is the most beautiful image a photographer can capture, period. Muscular pinups are my favorite photo subject, I like the intimate collaboration with the girls. Although I occasionally shoot female bodybuilders as “athletes,” I prefer to use them as sexual compositional elements in the frame. I find nothing wrong with objectifying the body.

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