“What’s this obsession with strong women all about?” During a recent business meeting here at our Florida offices this and several other hot topics regarding powerful women surfaced, so Denise decided to share the following comments with us.

I recently overheard that question while in New York City last year. Two young women were waiting for a bus and glancing through magazines at a newsstand. There were several publications catering to female wrestlers and bodybuilders. Both the women were quite attractive and shapely. “I don’t get it,” the blonde remarked to her red – headed friend. “Who would want that,” she inquired, pointing to the magazine, “When he could have this?” She twirled on her heels to make her point. Now ordinarily I don’t eavesdrop, but I’d been thinking about an up – coming DVD production and the conversation invaded my thoughts. I wanted to answer her question, but people generally dislike unsolicited opinions. I decided instead to answer that question in this open forum. Bear in mind that this is my opinion and not the result of any scientific study. If you disagree, keep it to yourself. Remember, never question your Mistress!

While some submissives serve voluntarily, many more have a need to be controlled. That control can take many forms : verbal commands, bondage, threat of punishment for non – compliance or punishment until his will is broken. Being forced to submit is almost always the central theme. Why is that “force” so necessary? Most submissives’ fantasies have their roots in experiences in which they were willing victims. Perhaps they were wrestled into submission and held helpless. Maybe they were tied up. The dominant forces in these scenarios had one common theme : the perpetrators were women – women bent on abusing them for their amusement. This common theme is the reason physical domination is so intriguing.

So how does this all relate to the conversation I overheard? What IS this fascination with strong women? Conceivably, we have the strenght and prowess to truly impose our will. Unlike the dynamic in a traditional Mistress/slave session, where the client willingly surrenders his power – women like myself physically force that shift of power. What a concept! In surrendering control, there is some cooperation. If I take control, there is none!

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