Relaxing between photo sets at the Muscle PinUps production studio in Fort Myers, Florida I chatted with the charismatic muscular blonde bombshell, Wanda Moore. During the course of her interview I remember asking her (among the more, how shall I put it, “personal” questions) ‘What makes you smile?’, “I smile a lot actually. I smile all the time,” she said. (With a big smile).

Though Moore’s manner is serene with a cutesy laugh and a warm grin, it isn’t hard to sense the sex kitten within. Part of her allure is the knowledge that, in another cimcumstance, she becomes a fireball of passion and sexuality. In the two-and-a-half years since her first Muscle PinUps photo/video shoot she has elevated herself to the top rankings of fan popularity. We are excited to be working with her once again this coming summer.

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