As a photographer, I always try to ingratiate myself, hoping that my models will feel comfortable as I photograph them. Especially with a new model, I’ll sometimes stop the shoot, ask permission, and approach the subject. I’ll then fuss ove

r them – straighten a lapel that didn’t need straightening, pick off imaginary lint, brush away a wayward hair or two the camera wasn’t gonna see anyway. I’m not doing anything practical. The model would look the same after my primping session. But . . . I accomplished something very significant : I got my hands on her. I broke down her defenses. I got up close and personal. She allowed me to touch her, the beginnings of trust. And I got a very positive interior dialogue going in her head. “Oh, I see. He wants me to look great! He’s on my side!” With muscular beauty Keena Moleena, I didn’t have to work too hard at it. She loved the camera, and the camera loved her right back! Result? A great shoot, as opposed to the photo equivalent of root canal.
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