I have always been amazed by the obvious power of a fit woman’s sex appeal. My appreciation and love for the muscular female form, to me, is priceless. For as long as I can remember, I have loved looking at beautiful muscular women. It was in the summer of 1995, that I decided to teach myself how to operate a camera. I then learned how to capture the passion I had for muscular women on film through use of a camera lens. I have been photographing ever since. It is a means for me to express my appreciation for the beauty of a muscular woman in a timeless photograph. Photography is the outlet I use for my artistic expression, with the camera simply being the tool that provides that means. In my images I try to bring out a woman’s inner as well as her outer beauty.  It is most important for me to reflect her strength and sensuality. To me, that is the true art of photographing a muscular woman. Each with her own spirit and eroticism.

Voyeurism was the key element used here. I wanted to create a mood of mystery, using soft focus and partial body shots. Antique filming, fetish-photography-style close-ups, and that candle-lit after-glow springs up all over this HD video, illuminating the beautiful Elisa Costa in an erotic scene of self-pleasure.

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