Relaxing between photo sets during a recent Muscle PinUps shoot with the gorgeous Elisa Costa, I find myself getting a bit dizzy. She’s just that hot; all shimmering dark brown eyes, raven-colored hair in perfect disarray, and a lean, muscular body crafted by hours in the gym. Wearing a skimpy black leather two-piece, she has the sultry look of a babe who can walk into a room and walk out with the heart of every man in the place.

Though her manner is serene with a cutesy laugh and a warm grin, it isn’t hard to sense the sex kitten within. Part of her allure is the knowledge that, in another circumstance, she becomes a fireball of passion and sexuality. In the two-years since her initial Muscle PinUps shoot, she has quickly ascended the ranks of adult Internet entertainment.

Elisa sits up on a chaise lounge and looks at me with a bright smile. Her voice is soft, with a strong hint of a New York accent. As the sun falls slowly behind distant trees, we prepare the studio for our final shoot of the day.

Watch for my release date of Elisa’s sizzling pictorial and HD video coming soon to MusclePinUps.com

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