Kat Meyers is this century’s Bettie Page, a pin-up girl with muscular curves. Did we mention she’s the fitness world’s fetish diva?

Let’s face it, photographing beautiful fit women is hard work. You’ve got to contact these people, provide wardrobe, lighting, food and makeup and, even after hours of effort, sometimes you still can’t get everything to look exactly the way you want it to. So what’s it about raven-haired fitness beauty Kat Meyers that made her one of the most popular hardbodies we’ve ever featured? We don’t have the time to research that one, but we’re going to leave it all up to you by suggesting you peruse this delicious model’s sizzling-hot photo sets that includes tons of sexy all-nude images of vintage Kat video clips, fetish vignettes, fetish outfits and just plain drop-dead hot looks! Simply click on to MusclePinUps.com

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