Our favorite subjects are very strong, in-command women. So working in the women’s bodybuilding/fetish world couldn’t be more perfect. Unlike some other, more rough-edged bodybuilding photographers, our images are more glamorized. We’re always looking for the “beauty” in it. Our fetish work is definitely fine art fetish photography. Very edgy and so erotic. Our “special twist.” And our work constantly reflects the belief that attitude, as opposed to physical perfection, is paramount in our images.

Our bottom line is to take anyone and make them be as beautiful as they possibly can. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, tall, lean or hyper-muscular, when you’re stitched up in fetish gear, it’s a whole attitude. And once you have that attitude, everyone on the set has a shit-eating grin on their face. They look great and they feel great.

We distinguish ourselves from other production companies in another way as well : We believe in treating our models with tender loving care. We hear a lot of horror stories about other photographers who yell and scream at their models. Why would a photographer want to do that? You make a model all nervous; you’re not gonna get anything (emotionally) out of them. For us, it’s the reverse. We realize, we have this beautiful creature in front of us and we’re inspired by them. We want them to have the time of their lives – and they know we’re looking out for their best interests.

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