Being beautiful, athletic, and talented didn’t make the voyage to the top of the Erotic Muscle World any easier. Just ask Denise Masino, exotic-faced star of print and film. Her ascent, filled with a notorius start and hard work, is a story of recognition well earned . . . and it’s just the beginning.

Denise has been the guiding visionary behind and from the beginning, overseeing the company’s growth and progress through the Internet boom and the eventual onslaught of fresh young models – although few of them came close to the same success. A lot of them are very talented and beautiful, but they lack that all-important “it” factor.

“What we’ve done is hold on to a lot of the initial values that I started the company with,” says Denise. “Those things include, treating talent well, making sure they are comfortable with everything we do, and just providing the type of programming for the user to enjoy without feeling dirty or feeling they have to hide it.” and has in fact, built its reputations on providing quality adult material of beautiful bodybuilders and hardbodies that has been embraced by other webmasters and various mainstream business partners alike. “The market is saturated with a lot of sites out there that are degrading to women,” says Denise. “We like to keep on the opposite side of that and do something that is repsectful to the women in our genre.”

In the very near future, “We’ll be making Denise and as much of a lifestyle/entertainment sites as possible,” Denise adds, “while also offering the best female muscle porn content experience one can imagine.”That includes interactive programming such as live Webcam feeds directly from our studios during photo shoots and the latest in Video-On-Demand programming of all our popular HD DVD titles. “It really has evolved from being a one-woman show to being one of the leading companies this industry has ever seen,” says a proud Denise.

Indeed, has grown from one site to a company that supports multiple subscription sites, two HD DVD lines, the affiliate program, and will begin the new year (2012) with the launch of its first mega Video-On-Demand sites. “We’ve really evolved into many different lines of business,” Denise notes. and are our core focus, but we’ve got all these other supporting ventures out there. Denise was always very entrepreneurial and always had a desire to go beyond the norm to find ways to promote the sites.

Many of the models we’ve worked with over the past years are taking their example from Denise’s ambitious nature. More and more within the past decade, there’s just been a slew of women out there starting up their own businesses, and the rapid advancements in Internet technology have allowed them to open up their own websites, live interactive webcam shows, and stores selling their homemade video clips – especially as has taken off. And I think you’ll continue to see a lot of women making a living for themselves and not giving away the farm to other businesses or working for other people based on what Denise has been able to accomplish on her own.

Denise really opened up a lot of doors for everyone in the fitness and bodybuilding world with her pioneering website  and magazine. She really made her mark in the online world, and that expanded into every little nook and cranny of the (adult) fitness industry.

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