In the past several years, the phrase “internet star” has been co-opted by just about every new fitness babe and bodybuilder who delivers live-performances for their fans in front of a webcam monitor. While very few actually have done anything to earn such a title, genuine stars of major caliber have been even scarcer on the internet, where the proliferation of pretty hardbodies has yielded few bona fide sensations. On the upside, there are more young women than ever starting up their own sites and running their own businesses. Chances are they owe part of their success to Denise Masino.

I’ve been at this from the beginning (almost 15 years) and I’m still surprised at the extent of Denise’s influence with her site I’ll be reading some little blog or reading an interview in a bodybuilding or fitness publication, and out of nowhere the girl will say, ‘I really want to create a big site, or a new internet platform, and I always look at a site like as a model.’  And I’ll just think, ‘Wow, here’s another up-and-coming star out of (somewhere like) Nebraska or West Virginia, who knows about and is trying to model her business and her career after Denise. That’s pretty amazing.’

Of course, as almost anyone in the Muscle Erotica industry already knows, Denise has been one of the most recognizable names in female muscle content ever since the entrepreneurial bodybuilder/model/producer/actor began posting photos of herself on bodybuilding Usenet newsgroups and selling 8×10 glossies to her developing fanbase in the early ’90s. She built a loyal fan base before exploding with the creations of Muscle Elegance Magazine and Her unprecedented success led to the development and creation of (The site later morphed into what is

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