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 Like other websites, we feature hot muscular women. That’s where the similarities end.

For over 15 years Denise Masino and Muscle PinUps has set the standard for an entire industry! “We started our own company, Denise Masino Enterprises, aiming to be unique and separate ourselves from the rest of the industry,” says a proud Denise Masino. “We wanted to focus on a beautiful muscular woman, not just some innocuous (VHS) movie title,” Denise says. There were no real stars at the time, the entire industry was still developing and searching for an identity.

Even in the beginning, Denise was extraordinarily focused on what she wanted to achieve. Following the release of her first video Denise Masino : EXPOSED! she hired a Creative Director from mainstream who gave the company a distinct look, she’s still in charge today.  “People often ask me, did you think it would get to the point where it is today? Yeah! That’s why we were doing it; that was the idea,” says Denise. And when asked about the company’s early days? “I remember people saying we were a one-trick pony. People said a lot of things about us when we started, not one person ever thought we’d make it past our first year. They said, “What happens when there’s no more Denise?”

The rest is as they say, is history! We are on the move once again and looking forward to a huge year with the launch of several new and exciting projects that we know all of our fans are going to love and enjoy. Hop on and enjoy the ride with us, and log on to DeniseMasino.com & MusclePinUps.com and to this Blog for all the exciting news!

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