“I haven’t figured out just what erotic modeling is for me, and that’s what keeps me loving it. It keeps me on my toes – and I become bored easily. Since I started modeling I feel like I’ve gotten to know myself, because I’m put in so many different situations and scenarios. It’s always fun reinventing yourself though, I find it interesting how I deal with it all.”

“Working with Denise Masino and her crew makes it easy, they are the ulitmate in professionals : the hair, the makeup, the beautiful lighting and the entire experience. It is amazing how comfortable they make it for you. Even the totally nude stuff – the full frontal nudity. I sometimes don’t think Americans are used to it yet. People are so protective of me, even people I don’t know. They ask, ‘Do you think you should have had to do that?’ And I say, ‘Did it ever occur to you that I wanted to do that?”

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