I can’t tell you how many pictures I’ve missed, ignored, trampled, or otherwise lost just because I’ve been so hell bent on getting the shot I think I want. You always have to go into the field with an idea. Hopefully, a good idea. But a good idea becomes a bad idea when you don’t see anything else. Look around. If you’re wide, go long. If you’re at eye level, get on the ground. And if you’re on the ground, crawl up high on some rock formation. All of these strategies generally fall under the heading, “Why don’t I do my reshoot now?”

I was shooting a sunrise shoot at Nevada’s famed Valley of Fire National Park and the theme for the day was to create a series of images that would depict a present-day Modern Amazon. The sun had barely peeked over the desert horizon and I was lugging around a C-stand with is a multi-part lighting stand with an exterior arm. It’s very solid and very heavy, but very adjustable. C-stand stands for Century stand, which is an old term from the movie industry from a time when these stands were generally 100″ tall. I attached a 48″ gold reflector to my C-stand and dropped to the hard desert ground to test for light and angle just as the sun began to shine. Denise had dropped into a “catcher’s” position the light bouncing off the reflector made her brown skin shimmer. I remained low and cranked off twenty frames. It was the picture of the day and the day hadn’t even started.

Sometimes you have to be lucky rather than good!

Erotic Muscle Art!

Erotic Muscle Art!

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