BrandiMae Akers is easily one of the best looking new starlets to come along in many years. Judging from the wave of emails that have been sent to the Muscle PinUps’ headquarters, the fans no doubt agree. The Las Vegas resident shares her views on what it’s like to dress-up for a night on the town in Sin City. “In Las Vegas, you have to expect something out of the ordinary. You’re not going to have to deal with the things you deal with in Miami, New York or LA. It is not one bit conservative, and you can be a completely different person here. In Miami, I go out in the most provocative clothes and nobody will think anything of it. But here, it’s a different mentality. If you go out dancing with girlfriends here, men come up to you and touch you as if you’re a prostitute. There are a lot of prostitutes in Las Vegas, so men just assume every beautiful woman is one. Add muscles into the mix, and men feel they have this “right” to just come up to you and touch “things.” It’s incredible.”

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