From the moment she stepped on the seamless, I knew the shoot would be awesome !

For anyone who truly loves the aesthetically beautiful nature of women’s bodybuilding in its purest form, I.F.B.B. Pro Debbie Bramwell is one treasured model who exudes ample amounts of class, style and limitless beauty.

It was one of those rare occurances when you work with a model for the first time and everything  just clicks ! Keep watching for her Muscle PinUps debut this early fall on


  1. when will your next movie come out and what will it be call?

  2. Robert Masino says:

    Hi Maurice, You will soon be able to enjoy watching ALL of our DVD productions as easy as a click of your mouse. We will be launching our new website This site will give you the option of either owning or renting entire DVD’s or individual scenes from your favorite hot videos. Watch for our launch next week!

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