What would cause a human being to alter, either permanently or temporarily, his or her body? We can all say it’s just a trendy sign of the times, and we’d be correct in that assumption, because in many ways it is., especially when you see all the tattooed and pierced people these days. Trendiness aside, there are many of those who have elevated it to an art form, used it as spiritual growth, or just to prove their ability to overcome mind-over-matter.

National-level bodybuilder Ann Walsh is certainly not, by any stretch of the imagination, your ordinary citizen. The obvious factors are visual ones : much of Ann’s body is canvassed with ornate artwork and piercing jewelry. The tattoos themselves speak volumes on the size of her imagination. “My artistic side has always been prevalent,” she told us. “Since my late twenties, I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but was not quite sure what it would be. I designed the first one myself. It was something only I understood, something very close to my heart. Then on my 40th birthday I got my first one. It was a wonderful chance to explore myself, and express my deepest (and darkest) feelings.” We asked Ann to tell us a little something about her new sleeve. ” Katrina Peters of Visual Expressions in East Hartford, Connecticut has done a lot of work on me, she’s creating the remainder of my sleeve. It signifies a specialness, branching my darker inner-most feelings together through this artistic expression of ink!”

Watch for part-two of Ann Walsh’s interview as we take a closer look at body modifications and how bodybuilding might very well be the highest form of physical transformation.

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Ann Walsh's Body Worship : The need to adorn, alter and transform the body

Ann Walsh’s Body Worship : The need to adorn, alter and transform the body

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